What we do
From the outset of our strategic process we approach the whole PR affair with the client’s business in mind. Our expertise lies in collaborating with our clients to understand their communication challenges, and then design and execute targeted solutions that impact their bottom line.

From product launches to boosting the profile of a company’s CEO, and crafting content that people simply cannot ignore, TPRC always delivers fresh and creative ways to raise awareness and generate excitement. When we partner with an organization, we help to tell a great story – reaching the right audiences at the right time.To make sure we deliver what we promise, we offer our clients broad range of Public Relations services. These include:

Crisis Management
No company is immune to crisis situations or brand damage especially with the proliferation of communication channels and with consumers having easy access to these channels. We help our clients in crisis management by anticipating and mitigating the risks to their reputation as well as devising plans that protect their brand name.
Event Management - consumer and media launches
From product launches to press conferences, we specialize in providing our clients with expertise on promotional events that help them communicate with media and consumers. Some of the services we provide include guest list development and management, venue and supplier procurement, media and publicity management, and technical production amongst others.
Internal Communications
For an organization to successfully communicate with its outside audiences it is very important for them to have a framework in place for effective internal communications. We assist clients in this task by developing newsletters, drafting employee letters and any other internal documents required.
Media Buying
Advertising and PR go hand in hand. In order to provide integrated communications solutions to our clients, we also create media plans for them.
Media Relations and day-to-day press office
We bring ideas to life and help our clients become the loudest voice in their industry by penning interesting and convincing press releases, articles, and any other content required to communicate their key messages. Over the years, we have been responsible for crafting content for our clients that has been picked-up by some of the best publications, in addition to a plethora of other websites and blogs.
High-impact creative PR campaigns
We help our clients develop integrated PR campaigns, keeping in mind their budgets and goals. We know that in an environment where consumers are getting harder to reach, only the best ideas punch through the noise. In order to make sure we reach the right audience and build insightful creative campaigns that end up generating real commercial value for our clients.
Experiential Marketing
Going with the philosophy of creating high impact PR campaigns for our clients, we also specialize in offering experiential marketing services. From sampling at events to live hands–on product demos, where the consumers or the media can touch and use the product, we handle the operations for the entire campaign.
Digital – Social Media, Strategy and Blogger Outreach
We realize the importance of changing with times and educating our clients about alternative media tools available at their disposal. We help them manage multiple platforms being used by consumers to talk about their brand, company or service. Whether a company is just starting out or is already engaging in social connections, we develop bespoke digital strategies that encourage positive engagement with the general public.

Sponsorship Activation and Brand Partnerships
Our widespread contacts allow us to align clients with like-minded brands for events and otherwise. We connect our clients with people that we know could help in making a difference to their overall communication campaign.
Strategic PR Planning and Insight
We at TPRC strive to make sure that we offer our clients intelligent and sustainable strategies guided by international practice. We understand that our work is not just limited to sending out a press release or monitoring coverage but also designing strategies that complement and fit perfectly into the company’s long-term marketing and communications goals.